powder 状のcarbon各種あります。電極に使ってみてください。

Price List

What's revice! j-1a, j-1b, j-1c

catalog number specification(unit:mm if not stated otherwise, u:micrometer)
φ:diameter, L:length
the number of items price/yen
j-1a nanotube powder(MWCNT), A type(80nmφ, 10uL) 100mg 5,500
j-1b nanotube powder(MWCNT), B type(150nmφ, 10uL) 100mg 5,500
j-1c nanotube powder(MWCNT), C type(50nmφ) 100mg 5,500
j-2 spherical powder, 0.5μmφ - option
j-3-1 (b-5) graphite powder, 3μmφ 1g 2,200
j-3-2 (b-5) graphite powder, 20μmφ 1g 2,200
j-3-3 (b-5) graphite powder, 50μmφ 1g 2,200
j-3-4 (b-5) graphite powder, 100μmφ 1g 2,200
j-3-5 (b-5) graphite powder, 200μmφ 1g 2,200
j-3-6 (b-5) graphite powder, 500μmφ 1g 2,200
j-4 high purity active carbon, coagulated powder,
(single particle ~48nmP), with analycal data
10g 1,100