GRC (Graphite Reinformed by Carbon)

グラファイト粒子をプラスチックに分散混合し(70%以上)、焼結炭素化したC-C Compositeで、シャープペンシル芯組成の高純度炭素素材です。棒状の切断面・側面共に'edge構造'が多出しています。

Price List

What's new! a-7, b-5

catalog number specification (unit:mm if not stated otherwise, u:micrometer)
φ:diameter, L:length
the number of items price/yen(Tax included)
a-1 rod(0.5φ,80L) with oil 5+1 connector 8,800
a-2 rod(0.5φ,40L) with oil 5 with connector 8,800
a-3 rod(0.3φ,80L) with oil 5+1 connector 8,800
a-4 rod(0.3φ,40L) with oil 4 with connector 8,800
a-5 rod(0.2φ,50L) with oil 4 with connector 8,800
a-6 rod(0.1φ,40L) with oil 4 with lead wire 11,000
a-7 rod(1.0φ,50L) with oil 1 option
b-1-1* rod(0.035-0.04φ,30L) without oil (GRC fiber*) 1 5,500
b-1-2* rod(0.06φ,30L) without oil (GRC fiber*) 1 3,300
b-2 rod(0.5φ,50L) without oil 5 8,800
b-3 rod(0.3φ,50L) without oil 5 8,800
b-4 rod(0.1φ,50L) without oil 5 11,000
b-5 rod(1.0φ,50L) without oil 1 option
b-6 carbon soft plate (200x300, 1t) 1 9,000
b-6-1  graphite powder (200x300, 0.2t) 1  9,000
b-7 graphite powder (3,20,50,100,200,500μm) see (j-3-1〜6) 1 g 2,200

produced by Mitsubishi Pencile Co.Ltd.

oil:silicon oil

*see the References of Cardiac myocyt holder for GRC fiber

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